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Comprehensive planning and investment services are just a phone call away.

New Covenant Trust Company partners with you to develop customized strategies for all your investment, tax planning and charitable giving needs. Our goal is to foster long-term relationships that are rooted in shared faith and values, and cultivated through high-touch, personalized service. Our clients include synods, presbyteries, churches and congregations, with our services also extending to individual people of faith.

Investment Services

We partner with you to develop and implement customized investment planning and asset management solutions based on your unique needs and goals. Our team provides expert strategy, visioning and guidance on:

Investment Advising and Policy Development

Through a consultative and collaborative approach, we’ll recommend the best strategy and investment products. Then we’ll outline the plan so there are no surprises.

Investment and Portfolio Management

We are your market experts. You can trust us to focus on long-term sustainability over short-term returns.

Values-Based Investing

You won’t have to sacrifice performance when you let us help you align your investment strategies with what matters most to you.
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Trust Services

We have broad experience with planning, establishing and administering all types of trusts for both institutional and individual clients. Our expert team of financial, legal and tax advisors will work alongside you to develop a strategy designed to protect your assets and secure your legacy for future generations. Because we’re a trust company and not simply a financial advisory firm, our top priority is your best interest. As trustee, we’re a fiduciary, and we’re committed to objectivity and transparency as we uphold our duties to you. Our expertise includes:

Charitable Trusts.

If you have a philanthropic heart, a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust could be just the vehicle you need.

Personal Trusts.

For individuals, this may be a good option to help fund a child’s higher education or other expenses.

Special Needs Trusts.

If you want to ensure the long-term care of a family member with special needs, we can help.

Revocable Living Trusts.

If you’re looking for a trust that offers flexibility and privacy, this may be a good fit for you.

Testamentary Trusts.

Because this type of trust is created by a grantor’s will rather than during their lifetime, it offers certain advantages.
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Planning Services

Our menu of services goes beyond investment management and trust administration. Our high-caliber team of finance, legal and tax professionals offer comprehensive planning services to meet every need.

Financial Planning.

Whether you’re gearing up for your church’s expansion, or setting money aside for your child’s education or your retirement, we can help.

Tax Planning.

Whether you’re creating an investment policy, a charitable giving strategy or simply want to secure your assets for generations to come, we’ll work hard to help you maximize your gift.

Estate Planning.

From wills to trusts and everything in between, we have the experience to help you protect your assets, provide for loved ones and support the charitable causes that are most important to you.
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Stewardship Resources

Our years of experience have shown us that charitable giving is most effective when it’s done in tandem with all your other financial planning. With the combination of our expertise and the Presbyterian Foundation’s resources, let us help you maximize your impact.

Stewardship Resources.

We’ll help you identify and implement the right tools to grow your church’s giving.

Fundraising and Campaign Consulting.

Our fundraising professionals can help you develop a vision, mission and case for support, then work with you to identify and engage donors.

Planned Giving.

We offer an extensive library of resources, materials and tools that can help your donors understand the different types of planned gifts and their benefits.
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Values-Based Investing

Do you want your investments to reflect your faith and values? No other firm has the capability to ensure your portfolio is not only invested ethically, but also mirrors the church’s Social Witness Principles, as well as your own values and objectives.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Using this strategy, New Covenant Trust Company will target your investment in companies with a strong record of addressing racial disparities and other inequities. Only the top 10 percent of companies that do well in these areas are eligible for investment.

Fossil Fuel Free

By adopting the divestment screens of the church’s Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) Committee and a fossil fuel divestment overlay, we analyze the climate impact of thousands of companies to help you avoid those in the energy sector and others with a high-carbon footprint.
Values-Based Investing