What to Expect with Charitable Giving Trends in the New Year

Gregory T. Rousos, President and CEO

The impact of the pandemic on philanthropy has been undeniable. While there was an initial surge in donations in early 2020, the number of people who engaged in charitable giving dropped considerably during the first half of 2021. Yet, we saw another increase in donations on Giving Tuesday in November, with $2.7 billion raised.

With the volatility of the past two years behind us, what can churches and other nonprofit organizations expect going forward?

In its recent article, “Trends that Will Shape Philanthropy in 2022,” Giving USA is optimistic about giving in the new year and beyond, in large part because of the anticipated stock market growth. According to author Jessica Browning, “Because philanthropic giving is highly correlated to the strength of the stock market … we anticipate a robust year of giving ahead.”

Giving USA also expects fewer donors to be engaged in giving during the coming year, but those who do give will make larger gifts. Other interesting trends emphasize endowments and fundraising campaigns, and examine changes in corporate engagement.

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